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The goal performance program is suited for clients who have a specific goal to achieve in a limited amount of time, and/or those that want to complete an event in a particular time.

If you’ve paid the entry to the next marathon or race and have run out of time to train, we can help you achieve your goal by closely monitoring your progress to ensure that you reach your goal safely and injury free. Or if you’ve never completed an event before and want help getting across the finish line, we can develop a program incorporating training and event education to get you there.

If you’re goal is to complete an event in a specific time or qualify for a race such as the Boston Marathon, we can create a specific program incorporating the training tools to help you achieve your goals. Clients in the Goal performance program typically require more intense monitoring by the coach. We typically schedule clients in these programs for 2 to 3 times more one-on-one training session, than with the general fitness program. The workouts are more driven and intense with specific workouts focusing on following the assigned pace and or heart rate, rather than just completing the mileage.



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