The Always Running General Fitness program is designed for those who seek an active lifestyle. If you’ve ever had a desire to become a runner – this is the program for you. We will teach you to run and will incorporate cross, core and strength training to build different muscle groups. Cycling, hiking, walking, climbing and the Always Running group activities are also integrated to keep you motivated and having fun. We will take you clothes shopping and walk you through the entire process to become a runner and join those that you simply watch today.

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Always Running has personally designed programs for the beginning runner. Each program begins with an initial evaluation by the coaches to assess bio-mechanics, foot structure, muscle balance and flexibility, as well as to learn about your past fitness, injury history and your current fitness level. Based on this information, Always Running coaches will build a training schedule for you that will vary in time and intensity as you progress toward your chosen goals. Supportive consults and medical specialists may be recommended by Always Running to assist in evaluating nutrition, injuries, and the fitting of running shoes.

Cross Training

Cross training is used to support running and reduce boredom by incorporating biking, hiking and swimming as well as cardio equipment, such as the elliptical machine and recumbent bike. Our gym is available to all clients, and our group events often incorporate biking.

Strength Training

Strength training is an integral part of running and multi-sport training. Building strength provides the power to improve performance and to avoid injuries that sometimes occur with accelerated training. Increased muscle mass from strength training leads to improved posture, and when set in motion, enhances bone mineral density. Caloric burning multiplies during the increased intensity of training, resulting in efficiency. Your coach will establish a personalized conditioning program that is right for you and fits your goals.

Core Training

A strong core supports clients in all of their fitness goals including running, biking and swimming. We incorporate core training using equipment such as the fitness ball and by developing a specific routine to meet your training needs. Always Running also offers group core classes at our gym in Greenlake from September through March.


Always Running’s walking and hiking programs have developed throughout the years to accept people from the walking community and to allow our clients who have injuries to continue to participate in group activities. With Always Running’s library of more than 100 courses and trails throughout the Puget Sound area our walkers and hikers enjoy the adventure of a new course each week along with the group camaraderie.


Each individual program for cyclists includes careful educational and attention to the following:

  • The fit of your bicycle
  • Riding style
  • Riding technique
  • Road etiquette and Washington State cycling laws
  • Safety tips
  • Group riding tips
  • Standard bicycle maintenance
  • Assistance with Clothing & Gear selection
  • Physical conditioning
  • Introduction to appropriate regional cycling routes for your immediate fitness level
  • Equipment storage on site

Programs range from learning to ride a bicycle to training for popular regional races such as the STP, RAMROD, and RSVP to training for the four different lengths of triathlons.

One-on-one training sessions with experienced cycling coaches are available to all Always Running clients, whether their preference is road or mountain bike riding. This program also includes cross training and strength training to provide complete conditioning. Always Running also organizes group rides throughout Seattle, and in the winter months, offers indoor cycling classes to enable year-round training.


Always Running's triathlon program guides you through every aspect of race preparation, whether you're looking to complete your first event or improve your PR. From sprint distance to full Ironman, our experienced coaching staff wil help you with swim stroke, bike handling, running performance (of course), transition efficiency, gear purchase and preparation, and lots more.


Always Running's mountaineering program has a strong emphasis on physical conditioning. This program is designed to get the beginning mountaineer into shape for their individual climbing goals. Always Running coaches will help the new climber research and shop for adequate climbing gear.




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