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After your Initial Evaluation, Always Running will begin an individual journal for you, and we recommend that each client keeps his or her own journal, as well. Journals are updated on a daily basis by clients providing feedback mainly via e-mail and phone. They are also updated during private sessions and during gym time, too.

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You will receive your workouts via e-mail from the Always Running coach. The first several weeks you train with us is a learning period. We are absorbing information about you and your running, which will enable us to provide the best individual training we can. During this time, we will monitor you closely. You will receive only 2-3 days worth of workouts at a time.

Once we know you better, we will have a better understanding of what your schedule will permit and what your body can tolerate so we will be able to give you more workouts in advance. You will get anywhere between one and four weeks worth of schedules. Also, be aware that even if you have received your workouts for a month in advance, they are subject to change as the Always Running coaches see fit. We want to provide the best coaching we can for you.



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Tony Pictured with Jersey "You are the only one who can get you where you want to be. I can guide your steps, but I can't do the work for you." - Tony Williams Founder of Always Running
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