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Because Always Running works with each client to make fitness a part of their individual lifestyle, the successes they achieve are as unique as they are. Read some of their stories in their own words:

  • Aimee overcame an injury
  • Alex is blossoming as a young runner
  • Dina makes running a family affair
  • Ali lost weight and learned to enjoy running
  • Emily became an athlete
  • Leslie W took her first run at 51
  • Patrick has reignited his passion for running
  • Rebecca is now a runner
  • Tim is a runner for life
  • Lorrie has lost weight and developed a love for running
  • Katie is just beginning - track her progress with her
  • Silviu gets energy from running
  • Daisy relishes her personal accomplishments

Aimee - Running Pain-Free Again

by Aimee, Seattle


I began as a client at Always Running in March 2014. I was seeking advice from an experienced runner to help me sort through conflicting advice from medical experts about an injury that was preventing me from running. Coach Tony helped me get on the right track quickly, and within months I was running pain-free. His training approach puts a lot of emphasis on injury prevention and proper recovery between runs. I have found the gym and staff to be really supportive. It does not feel like a large commercial operation. Instead, people ask about my family by name. I have even left my kids in their care so I could go catch a run.

I have also benefitted from the “group wisdom” and camaraderie of his other clients. We participate in group runs weekly – sometimes on streets, sometimes on trails – and it is always a lot of fun and well supported. I have run in places I didn’t know about a year ago, beautiful places. I have made some BRFs (“best running friends”) on these runs. Having running buddies helps to motivate me and I feel safer than when running alone. I value that Coach helps each person attain his/her own individual goals. Some of his clients want to become faster, some want to run longer, and some just want to be motivated to stay healthy. I have never perceived any judgment, only positive attitudes.

Coach Tony has taught me that I am capable of more than I expected. In the last year, I have made a personal record at every race I have entered (5ks, 10ks, and half marathons). I am consistently amazed that there is always something new to learn. On to the next goal!

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Alex - A Young Runner Blossoms

by Alex's parents, Seattle


Tony has been working with my son, Alex, for just over 1 year. Alex has Asperger's syndrome and team sports were always too challenging for him. When he started showing interest in running, we had him run occasionally with Always Running. When he turned 13, he told us he wanted to run a 1/2 marathon, so we officially signed him up so he could train properly. He surpassed our expectations - ran a 1:40 1/2 marathon and placed 3rd in his age group! He was since recruited for his middle school track team and his training for his 2nd 1/2 marathon.


More importantly, Tony and the Always Running team have provided Alex with a sense of confidence and sense of community. He feels comfortable with both the kids and the adults in the group. As parents, we have seen the way the group members support one another and have really seen Alex blossom. The group runs are his favorite part of his week.

Thank you Tony Williams and Always Running!

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Dina - Running is Her Family Routine

by Dina, Seattle

I started running with Tony September of 2013 and my only experience was having had run Greenlake once about 3 years prior. My first mile with Tony was slow and hard. Fast forward to August of 2014 and I was on a 17 mile trail run with a group of Always Running runners! Over the course of that first year I slowly increased my mileage so that before I knew it I was able to pound out a 5 or 6 mile run no problem, something I never thought I would be able to do. The best part of running with Tony is he incorporates my whole family so we can all run together. Always Running has become part of our weekly family routine.

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Ali - Losing Weight, Running Happy

by Ali, Seattle

It's been a great year, and also a year of a lot of change for me. I've lost 25 lbs and seen my ability to run go from being unhappy running a mile to having a great time running 8 miles at a time. Tony has taught me the importance of consistency with my running and has also helped me shape reasonable, achievable goals which have built over time. I also remained injury free. I have started my 13 year old with Tony also and am watching him grow into becoming a runner. Lastly, my 6 year old is eager for running camp this summer and he thinks of us all as runners, which is spectacular.

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Emily - Runner & Triathlete

by Emily, Seattle


I have never been what anyone would consider an "athlete." I didn't play any organized sports after the age of 6 and even before then, soccer games consisted of me wandering behind the goal to pick daisies while others fielded the ball. I hated running - even during a game of tag. In middle school when our gym teacher planned to assign a half mile run, I found a way to be excused from gym class. It is not that I wasn’t active – I walked a few miles to and from school every day – but being an athlete just wasn't "who I was."

Later, after I settled into my professional life, I became less active. The bus was easier than walking to work and I needed to escape into a book during my lunch break. Eventually, frustrated with my weight, I joined a gym and got a personal trainer. Although I was working out 5 times a week, I wasn't actually becoming an "athlete." I could do more push-ups and lift weights a bit but I still couldn't run for more than a minute and I hated every second of my gym experience. Not really feeling any change, I quit the gym but still tried to push myself to lose weight. A friend and I tried to learn to run but I was never able to run more than 90 seconds and then I would have to walk. I decided that I was not cut out to be an athlete and I gave up.

A few years ago a friend at work joined Always Running. She and I had talked about our struggles with weight and the fact that neither one of us particularly liked working out. But then I started to see her change. Not just in the way she looked (although that changed) but also in her attitude about working out. She actually seemed like she was having fun. I remember one hot summer day when I could hardly stir myself out at lunch to do some shopping and she told me she had just come from a run on the waterfront. I couldn't believe that someone would actually choose to run in that hot weather. I became very curious about the program she was in and about what could inspire these changes in her life.

So two and half years ago, I met with Coach Tony. He told me that I could learn to run and that I might actually enjoy it. Skeptically, I thought, "Yeah, right! He certainly does not know me!" Based on previous experience, I was certain that I would train for months and months and still not be able to run a mile. After all, that was my experience. But after joining Always Running, my attitude, abilities and appearance slowly and surely began to change. First, I learned to run a quarter mile, then a half mile and all of the sudden I could run a whole mile. Wow! I truly did not even think that I could ever run that far. The miles continued to rack up – 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles. Every time Coach Tony told me I could run further than I had before, I seriously questioned his sanity. But each time he was right.

I've continued training with Always Running and less than 18 months after starting, I ran my first half-marathon. The feeling that I had coming across the finish line was one of the best experiences of my life. I couldn't believe that I had actually run 13.1 miles! That was certainly not something I would have ever expected to be in my life. Since then, I've run two more half-marathons (and taken 30 minutes off the time from my first) as well as an Olympic distance triathlon to celebrate my 30th birthday.

My body has changed considerably and I am the smallest and strongest I've ever been in my life. But more importantly, I found a love of running (and biking and swimming) that I never knew I had. I can't imagine not having them in my life now. The way I see myself and what I'm capable of could not be more different than the day I first walked in to Always Running.

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Leslie W - Releasing Her Inner Athlete

by Leslie W, Seattle

Leslie W

"You're crazy" is what I might have said one year ago if you told me that I was going to be addicted to running, have a coach and run a 1/2 marathon. I would have said I'm not an athlete, never been one and truly don't see the need to become one.

Then on a beautiful sunny evening last September my niece suggested over wine that we run a 5k. All of my nieces are all wonderful, smart and beautiful women, so when they ask something of me I have to really consider it.

So there I was at 51, considering running for the first time.

I started out running on a treadmill. A mile one day, two the next. I worked up to 3 and felt really good about my accomplishment. When I pulled some body part in my leg and was limping for 7 days, I realized I could injure myself permanently and that was not okay. That's when my husband suggested that I go see Tony.

At my initial meeting with Tony the first question he asked me is "What do you want to achieve?" Great question!

Number one: keep me from injuring myself. Number two: help me get to my first 5k and finish it "respectably for my age".

Running with Tony was a challenge at first because I was now running outside and running hills with more and more frequency. I would complain about each and every hill he placed in my route. I knew something had dramatically changed when on a 3 mile run I lost my balance and as I was falling my first thought was to protect my Garmin watch.

My first race was on Mother's Day and I was ready because of training with Tony. When I approached the hills in the race I knew I could do it. When I finished the race my loving family was there to congratulate me and as I saw tears around me I knew I had done something more than just a 5k in their eyes.

I now have the ability to run miles that I thought I could only cover in a car! I still say you won't see me running a marathon....but I don't say it with the same conviction anymore.

The biggest hurdle in this journey has been and may always be my brain - the part that tells me that I'm not an athlete. It tries to convince me that I can't do this and I should have started much younger. Every time I beat down this part and prove it wrong my entire soul soars to a new high.

On my first 9 mile run I had a thought at about the 8 mile point....If I can do this, and apparently I am,....what else? Maybe I can fly, I just haven't tried.

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Patrick - Smarter, Stronger & Reenergized

by Patrick


A couple of years ago, my running form, style and motivation were at a standstill. I was running the same courses on the same days, and not really improving and not feeling good about my running.

Since starting regular private lesson with Tony, this has been transformed. Knowing my running wishes and challenges, Tony formulates weekly workout calendars that have been instrumental in enhancing my joy of running. The private workouts have been particularly pivotal in helping me "turn around" my running skills and attitudes.

The individual coaching Tony provides has made me a much "smarter" and skilled runner. Be it knowledge of running hills, running form or a myriad of other factors, Tony's coaching has made me a better informed and more mature runner. More importantly, his coaching and encouragement, and his keen ability to know when and how to push me to achieve incremental gains, has been invaluable. We run a variety of distances and courses during the private sessions, and this mixture has significantly augmented my running abilities. It has helped me formulate running goals, and provided me with very specific skills and strategies to be a better runner. More importantly, I am now a much more satisfied runner as a result of Tony's expert guidance and coaching.

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Rebecca - Becoming a Runner

by Rebecca, Sales Professional

Rebecca on the run

I wouldn’t have considered myself a runner a year ago. When co-workers talked of training for half-marathons or marathons, I considered those distances incredibly far and never thought I would train for anything like that myself. While I ran cross-country in high school for a couple of years, I stopped running when I got my first job over 17 years ago and found that while I was relatively active in college, daily life, my job and inactivity began to take their toll. Did I mention I really like good food too?

So this past January, I made the decision that this was the year, My Year. Like any habit you are trying to change, I didn’t need the cliché of another failed New Year’s Resolution, which is probably why I waited until the end of January to do anything. Thanks to encouragement from my husband, I decided to check into the personal training at Always Running. While I never thought of myself as fat, I realized I had been adding pounds to my frame year after year and was overweight. Outdoor activities with my husband were no longer fun because anything really active was hard and I was always out of breath!

I have to admit I had seen Always Running for several years at Greenlake, but had always assumed it was for really SERIOUS runners. And I wasn’t one of those. I mean, who needs a running coach when you aren’t a professional? But honestly, I got on the website and began to read some of the personal stories and some of the women seemed like me. They too had gotten busy with life, but then had made the decision to have someone help them be accountable. Since I’m in sales, I’m good at making and keeping appointments. If I have an appointment, I’ll show up, and that’s exactly the structure Coach Tony Williams provides.

Yes, the gym is small, but I was impressed with how friendly people were when I walked through the door. People know your name at Always Running. I have belonged to several gyms over the years, always with good intentions of going, but I would generally go a few times, try to do too much too soon, feel awful and then let myself get “busy” or just not feel up to going and would stop. I think big gyms like people like me. I used to pay my monthly dues, but didn’t show up and no one missed me. Here I feel if I skipped without a good reason that I would get a ton of crap from Tony, especially since he plans my workouts around my schedule. In fact, one time I was running late from work and someone was waiting there to help me get started on my workout. She called me on my cell to see if I was still coming that evening… what gym does that?

My results have been great too. I have people ask me all the time what I’ve been doing. You see, I lost a little over 25 pounds since I started working out at Always Running and I feel so much better. I won’t claim it’s been easy, but it’s been worth it. Running a mile, while not impossible at first was definitely not easy. But I started with one mile at a time and a lot of cross training. I remember my first group run was in February, and Tony had me walk 2 miles, run a mile and walk the next two. I set an ambitious goal for myself and in June I ran my first half marathon in the Inaugural Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Now I’m training for my next half marathon in December.

My goal is to become more fit and to get faster. The variety of training is continually helping me toward that goal. I’ve found a lot of running is mental with me. Sometimes the activity is hard, and I have to remind myself that I’m strong. If I haven’t gone further in the past (which I probably have), then I’ve worked harder, so I know I can do it. I can finish and I don’t have to stop. I know I wouldn’t be in the same place mentally or physically had Always Running not provided the structure and support to help me get in shape. This was My Year and the beginning of my training for life (and a few races in between). I guess the remaining question is if I’ll see you at the next Always Running Group Run because it happens to be your year too…

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Tim - Running for Life

by Tim, father of four

Tim with his support crew

I can’t imagine my life without running.

I lace up my shoes and step out my back door five mornings a week. Early, while the kids are still asleep and before I get caught up in all the things that need doing.

During the next hour or so I feel the wind, rain, snow, or morning sun. I hear my heart, my lungs, and my feet. I see my neighborhood waking up, I explore another part of the city, or I head out to a quiet trail in the Cascade foothills.

What I experience in that hour – what I hear, see, and think, who I meet, and what I learn about the place I’m running – makes life real to me and puts the rest of the things I do in perspective.

I love running for that experience. I’m not in it for the podium finish.

Beautiful Big Sur

So I was skeptical when my wife gave me a gift certificate to Always Running for my 36th birthday, almost ten years ago now. I didn’t want coaching because I thought it would mean a focus on speed and competitiveness.  I didn’t want to turn my stress-reliever into a stress-builder, with my self-worth pinned to race results.

Happily, I was wrong.

Certainly, Tony coaches for speed, but there is so much more to AR than that, and all in a friendly, relaxed environment. I’ve haven’t stopped running with AR since the day I stepped through their front door all those years ago. Five things keep me coming back:

1. New Experiences - Every week Tony and his crew lay out a new course for the Saturday group run, somewhere throughout King County. Whether it’s running through Pike Place Market, across I-90, or from peak-to-peak on Tiger Mountain, all I have to do is sit back and take in the scenery while I run.

2. Smart Workouts - Tony personally prepares my running schedule for me. He builds in the right amount of challenge balanced with the right amount of rest in order to maximize my progress and minimize injury. He considers my family, work, and travel schedules to give me a plan I can accomplish.

3. Constant Motivation - I’m a very self-motivated person, but just knowing Tony and AR are there makes me push myself a little bit harder. It makes me get up on those mornings when I’d really rather sleep in and it makes me step up in the last stages of a race or tough workout.

4. Knowledgeable Advice - Whether I need a great stretch for my Piriformis muscle or just need to know what to do about the blisters I got from those #$@%* new shoes the day before my marathon, Tony and the AR crew come through.

5. Friendship - Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Tony, his AR staffers, and the entire AR clientele are just plain fun to hang out with. They are friendly, funny, supportive, and they care about my personal goals and progress.

The AR team after 24 hours of Ragnar

Coach Tony and Always Running prepared me for my first marathon (Vancouver, BC, 2000), and have coached me through nine more since then. They helped me qualify for Boston, and made sure I ran it without blowing up from over-excitement . They got me through a brutally hot half-ironman triathlon in Eastern Washington, including preparing me for the 1.2 mile open water swim. I was part of the AR team that took first place for our age group in the 187 mile, 24 hour, Ragnar NW Passage Relay race from Blaine to Langley in 2008 (OK, my one and only podium finish, but only because we had a couple ringers on the team). And most recently, Tony prepared me to successfully finish the 2009 Goofy’s Challenge at Disneyworld, a half-marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday.

I don’t know what my next event will be. I hate not having something to look forward to, so Tony and I are plotting. But I do know that I can’t imagine life without running, and I can’t imagine running without my friends at AR.

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Lorrie - An AR Success Story

by Lorrie, Legal Assistant

Me biking the John Wayne Trail

It may sound silly and you may have heard it a hundred times before… it is hard work to lose weight. You have to exercise and eat right. There are NO short cuts, exercising and being fit is a life-style that yields and promotes health. You don’t have to eat perfectly, you just need to pay attention to what you're eating and remember everything in moderation. For me, the key is making workouts a part of your daily life by embracing whatever form of exercise you enjoy most so that you can get up and do it again and again.

I've been where you are right now. I have struggled with my weight since I hit puberty and during my pregnancies I gained at least 50 lbs with each of my two children. I would try to exercise but it was hard to stay consistent when life was so busy.

Me on a trail run

After some soul searching I realized that I needed motivation, structure and someone who was willing to put in the effort of pushing me when I didn't feel like exercising. Someone who would hold me accountable for sticking to my goals I had set for myself and remind me exactly why I was doing this – for me. And I don't know about you, but I don't have Oprah's money and I can't afford someone like Bob Greene to come to my door every morning and get my butt out of bed.

That’s when I met Tony Williams at Always Running. I have to admit that at first I wasn't all that impressed with the small boutique studio gym located on Green Lake in Seattle, after spending years belonging to mega-gyms. But I knew from the first moment I sat down with Coach Tony that this was what I was looking for. We had an in-depth discussion of what goals I had for myself (stuff I wasn't even sure of when I walked in the door) and how he could help me attain them. He let me know right from the start that if I was going to change my life (yes, my LIFE) that it had to start with me.

It was at my first Wednesday Night Group Run that I saw what a great rapport all of the clients have with each other. There is a great network of support amongst the staff and the clientele of Always Running. Everyone there made me feel very comfortable from the get-go. For my first "run" Tony paired me up with someone that was compatible with my level of running and we hit it off. As the months have gone by I've seen more and more the level of personal service that is available, from doctor referrals to yoga classes to nutrition and massage therapists and I've had nothing but a positive, supportive experience at Always Running.

The old me

I have now been working with Tony Williams and Always Running for 9 months and I've lost 60 lbs and gained a huge amount of self-esteem. I've also enjoyed making some new supportive, like-minded friends that have become a part of my new life of fitness. What surprises me most after all these months of working with Coach Tony and Always Running is that I've become a runner. When I first started I loathed running, yes, I truly hated it. But I soon discovered that it was the best, fastest, easiest way to lose the weight I had been carrying. And the more weight that I lost, the more fun it was to run.

UPDATE: This past fall I completed a 150 mile Adventure Bike Ride with Always Running. It was so amazing to bike that distance, from Seattle to the Columbia River, the last 20 miles being both the most physically and mentally challenging thing I have ever done in my life. And, now I have also finished my very first 1/2 Marathon – the Surf City 1/2 Marathon in Huntington Beach, California on February 1, 2009. It was so incredibly satisfying to reach this goal I had set for myself but I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of Always Running. I got here not only because of my hard work but because of the training I received from Coach Tony and Always Running.

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Katie - Success In Progress

by Katie, Family CEO

Me biking the John Wayne Trail

I think my story is the same as the majority of moms: I am a wife, mom, taxi-driver, parent volunteer, housekeeper, cook, play date coordinator, etc….somewhere along the way of taking care of everyone else’s needs I forgot to keep taking care of myself. It became very easy to put exercise last on the daily ‘to-do’ list. It wasn’t until my husband happened by Always Running and sent me the website link as a ‘gentle nudge’ that I realized I had to do something to get back in shape.

I have to admit that I was a little intimidated at first when Tony asked, “What are you training for?” An Iron-Man? No. A Marathon? No. A ½ Marathon? No. I am just training for “LIFE.” I am not looking to be a certain size or weight—I just want to be healthy enough to handle whatever life throws my way; swimming with my kids, hiking with my husband, walking my dog. I want to know that the body that I’ve neglected to take care of for so long isn’t done yet and that I can make positive changes --to both my mind and body.

I’d always been a member of a gym and attended fitness classes, but it’s so easy in a large gym setting to miss a class, then another and then its six months later and no one notices if you show up or not—no one holds you accountable for showing up. I like the fact that at Always Running I am held accountable for my workouts. Someone is always asking, “Was it challenging enough? Could I go further? Work harder? Any problems or concerns?”

It’s a relief to know that the Always Running team is listening to my input and planning workouts that keep me motivated and moving. Left to my own devices I am sure I’d end up on the Elliptical for an hour simply watching TV!

Another great thing about Always Running is that they work around MY schedule. They’ve made working out part of my daily routine by setting my work-out times right after I get the kids to school. I’m done before pick up or volunteer times. They make it work for me and my family and I don’t have an excuse to not show up for a work out.

After only a few months at Always Running, I’ve lost double digits, become motivated to work-out and changed my attitude about exercise. Most importantly, I’ve realized that I am a better mom and wife when I put myself first and make the time everyday to exercise.

I’ve reached a fitness level where I’m finally ready to work towards a goal with Always Running. I’m signed up for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll ½ Marathon, June 27th—at this point it seems overwhelming, but I know that with group runs, cross-training and constant training adjustments I’ll reach my goal.

Check back to see my progress!

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Silviu - Running in Rhythm, Walking on Springs

by Silviu, Software Designer

Me biking the John Wayne Trail

If you think of life as music, then for me running is the rhythm. It just gives a constant beat to my life. Almost every morning I wake up, eat something and get out for a run. This morning moment is one of the few during the day when I feel connected to my body and I listen to it. Then there is the Saturday pleasure when we have group runs. Running is to some extent a solitary sport. Nevertheless it is quite a joy when a colleague with a big smile tells you "good job!".

It took me a year and a half to get to this stage, some will power and a lot of help from Tony. You would think that running is easy and natural but there are lots of tricks. My private sessions with Tony have been extremely useful. I have learned how to run up hill or down hill, how to pace myself, how to think about running. Challenging running is a constant interplay of mental limits and physical limits. There are moments when physically I can push myself but I have a deluge of negative thoughts telling me to quit, this is impossible etc. Tony made me aware of this process and now I know how to deal with it. In case you wonder the biggest trick is awareness.

I started running six years ago by myself. I bought a bunch of books about running, read them all and got on the road. The reason I did it was to lose weight (260+ pounds). The problem of doing it alone is that you need to be really knowledgeable about balancing the effort during the week and also during the year. I was playing it completely by ear. If I felt rested I would run 5 miles and if I felt tired I would run 1 mile. Completely random. One beautiful Sunday morning I felt great and I ran the longest distance ever: 8 miles. This came with the cost of a bruised and very painful Achilles tendon. It took 3 months to get rid of the pain and then I was afraid of running for the next 4 years. Weight went up too.

In June 2007 I just dropped by the Always Running office and had the first meeting with Tony. He asked me what I want to achieve. I wanted to be able to run again. I felt I needed adult supervision for doing that in a safe way. And I craved the energy that running used to give me. The only way to describe it is "walking on springs". I wanted to walk on springs again. Tony took me to a podiatrist and we figured out the old Achilles problem and they both said that it could be managed with care. So Tony taught how to take care of my feet after runs, how to massage them, how to stretch, etc. It really made a huge difference. In almost two years of running I never had an injury and I ran quite a lot. Last June I finished the Seattle Seafair half-marathon injury-free. The race was 5 days after my 40-th birthday. It was probably the best birthday gift I have ever received.

Besides the mental aspect, running combined with mindful eating habits changed also my physical health. I lost 40 pounds since I started and even more importantly all my blood results improved dramatically. My doctor told me two years ago that I have something called "Syndrome X" which is a precursor to diabetes and I have to take drugs to manage insulin levels. I decided to try to do it without pills. After just 3-4 months of diligent running and diet all the symptoms are gone, gone, gone. My doctor could not believe his eyes. He actually had to redo the tests to make sure they are correct.

This year my goal is to run again the June half-marathon (called Seattle Rock'n Roll now) and try to run the Portland marathon in October. As you can see I got used to nice birthday gifts and want them every year.

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Daisy - Setting Personal Bests

by Daisy (not her real name)

Daisy on the trail

I wanted to do the trendy thing and run 5Ks. I listened to the advice of friends and followed those 5K training programs in magazines where you walk some, run some. It wasn't working. I did a few 5Ks, and they were horrible. I didn't have the endurance and I was in pain. My training even plateaued and I was struggling on the treadmill.

I found AR by driving around Green Lake and surfing the internet. I wasn't looking for a trainer or a coach. I wasn't lacking motivation but I needed guidance, good advice, and something to get me out of my rut. Tony corrected some mistakes in my very first evaluation – I even ran my first mile without stopping during this session.

Over a course of 6 months, I gradually ramped up to 6 miles of straight running without discomfort. . I know I am not built physically to run fast and should not compare myself to others, but I relish in my accomplishments. Over the years, I have improved my physical conditioning and have done a couple of half-marathons. I also had some great experiences. I never biked before, and AR started me biking. I run trails and through cool neighborhoods.

I look forward to my group runs where other clients and the AR staff are so supportive and encouraging. I can be one of the last to finish in a group run, but it may have been my personal best. I will still get high-fives and congratulations from the staff and fellow clients. It is great to have the fastest client say "Good job" as they run past you.

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